Outpost Bait and Tackle

The Outpost Bait and Tackle Store is Gone. 

 It's Now a Different Shop and Under New Management.  

  Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554 

about the new bait shop located where Outpost was.

As of April 1st, 2017, 

            Some info below may have changed with new management. 

Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554 

Even though you're in the wild, there are certain amenities that are nice to have to around. 


  Asphalt trails behind the shop make for a great walking area in all kinds of weather.



 "Foggy Morning Fishing" at Busch Conservation Area 

courtesy Eric Rosenbaum


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 Ice, water, clean bathrooms, places to relax, food items and more-

it's all here.





Below-  Just behind the Outpost are lots of picnic tables. Some out in the open, and others in a pavilion and separate sheltered area attached to the building.

Lighting and electrical outlets are available and it's handicapped accessible.

conservation area pavilion

 Time to enjoy lunch or a good fishing story, and the pavilion makes a great gathering place for family and friends. Cooking is permitted and a BBQ pit is right by.

OK, show me a video of this great fishing place and what else it has to offer.

Below- trolling motors for sale or rent. The Outpost also works on these types of boat motors.

Below- Clean air conditioned and heated bathrooms and a water fountain are a nice plus.

All this right next to the Outpost and main Conservation headquarters building with much more.

fishing area bathrooms

Bathrooms as well as many areas here are handicapped accessible. Feminine hygiene products are available.

Below- just some of the many fishing supply and various store items at the Outpost.