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Outpost Fishing Rental Boats and Bait Shop

  Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554 

about the new bait shop located where Outpost was.

As of April 1st, 2017, 

            Some info below may have changed with new management. 

Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554


Store Hours:  
Call number above. 

April 1st through ?

Boat Rental near St Louis

at $5.30 for the day!

(No need to tow as the boats are already on

the lakes waiting for you to unlock)

Not fully equipped to fish? No problem! The Outpost offers 14 foot jon boats and trolling motors to rent, as well as rods and reels.

Boating safety equipment is included upon request.

The Outpost rents boats on lakes 6, 16, 22, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 38 in the Busch Memorial Conservation Area

More info below picture.


The cost for an all-day boat rental is $5.30 tax included.

Would you like to make it a boat ride?

Optional trolling motor rental includes battery at $30.00 + tax with a $80.00 deposit.

These are Watersnake trolling motors. For the battery alone it is $20.00 + tax with a $80.00 deposit.

You can also bring your own trolling motor if you wish, however on these lakes, all motors must be battery powered.

No gas powered motors are permitted on the lakes here. We also have anchors for rent for $5.00 + tax with a $10.00 deposit.

We rent fishing poles for $5.00 plus tax. Tackle is sold separately.

At just over 5 dollars, probably the best St Louis boat rental deal in town.

Watersnake trolling motors available for sale and service or repair.  This brand was chosen for durability.

8 lb. mushroom boat anchors available for rent or sale.
Above- One of the larger lakes near The Outpost Bait and Tackle at
August A.Busch Memorial Conservation Center.

The Outpost is a favorite bait shop of many St Louis and St Charles area fishermen.

Boats to rent add to your fishing experience.

bait shop st louis mo
 Live Bait, Fishing Supplies and More at Reasonable Prices

We offer reasonable prices on hooks, weights, plastics, lures in all colors and sizes, bobbers, rods and reels.

For bait we offer worms, nightcrawlers, baby nightcrawlers, red wriglers, and wax worms; we have crickets, small medium and large minnows, and goldfish.

We also have  fresh liver.  See below for greater selection.

Live Bait

     - Nightcrawlers
     - Baby Nightcrawlers
     - Red Wigglers
     - Wax Worms
• Chicken Liver

• Minnows
     - Large Shiners
     - Medium Shiners
     - Chubs (small)
     - Rosies (seasonal)
          - Minnow Buckets
     - 1/2 Tube
     - Full Tube

Note: Pet food and bird owner tip- our cricket and wax worm prices are much lower than pet stores.

• Stink Bait
     - Pre Formed dough bait
     - Jar dip bait

Pond owners-
save a lot on Large Goldfish and Koi available on request but please call beforehand.

Wide variety of unique, inexpensive pocket knives.

Fishing Tackle

All tackle comes in 
different sizes and colors

Fishing line

- numerous brands and sizes
     - Numerous brands and sizes
      including Gamakatsu

     - Spilt shots
     - Egg weights

    - bass cast weights
     - Worm weights

    - Round, stick and more.

   - many types including rooster tails
 and spinner baits

Rubbers Worms
     - Berkley   

 Bulk quantity pricing available
 on worms and crickets.

  Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554 

about the new bait shop located where Outpost was.

As of April 1st, 2017, 

       Some info here may have changed 
               with new management. 

Call MO Dept of Conservation at 636 441 4554

Rent a chair for $10 deposit and $5 for the day. These chairs are stable, portable, and collapsible. Or,  buy new at only $39.


We have two models of trolling motors for rent on the premises or take wherever you want. They are also available for sale at reasonable pricing.  

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